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blkid_cache, typedef in Cache


BLKID_DATE, macro in Miscellaneous utils
blkid_dev, typedef in Search and iterate
blkid_devno_to_devname, function in Miscellaneous utils
blkid_devno_to_wholedisk, function in Miscellaneous utils
BLKID_DEV_CREATE, macro in Miscellaneous utils
blkid_dev_devname, function in Search and iterate
BLKID_DEV_FIND, macro in Miscellaneous utils
blkid_dev_has_tag, function in Search and iterate
blkid_dev_iterate, typedef in Search and iterate
blkid_dev_iterate_begin, function in Search and iterate
blkid_dev_iterate_end, function in Search and iterate
blkid_dev_next, function in Search and iterate
BLKID_DEV_NORMAL, macro in Miscellaneous utils
blkid_dev_set_search, function in Search and iterate
BLKID_DEV_VERIFY, macro in Miscellaneous utils
blkid_do_fullprobe, function in Low-level tags
blkid_do_probe, function in Low-level tags
blkid_do_safeprobe, function in Low-level tags
blkid_do_wipe, function in Low-level tags


blkid_encode_string, function in Encoding utils
blkid_evaluate_spec, function in Tags and Spec evaluation
blkid_evaluate_tag, function in Tags and Spec evaluation


blkid_find_dev_with_tag, function in Search and iterate
BLKID_FLTR_NOTIN, macro in Miscellaneous utils
BLKID_FLTR_ONLYIN, macro in Miscellaneous utils
blkid_free_probe, function in Low-level probing


blkid_gc_cache, function in Cache
blkid_get_cache, function in Cache
blkid_get_dev, function in Search and iterate
blkid_get_devname, function in Search and iterate
blkid_get_dev_size, function in Miscellaneous utils
blkid_get_library_version, function in Miscellaneous utils
blkid_get_tag_value, function in Search and iterate


blkid_init_debug, function in Library initialization


blkid_known_fstype, function in Superblocks probing
blkid_known_pttype, function in Partitions probing


blkid_loff_t, typedef in Miscellaneous utils


blkid_new_probe, function in Low-level probing
blkid_new_probe_from_filename, function in Low-level probing


blkid_parse_tag_string, function in Miscellaneous utils
blkid_parse_version_string, function in Miscellaneous utils
blkid_partition, typedef in Partitions probing
blkid_partition_get_flags, function in Partitions probing
blkid_partition_get_name, function in Partitions probing
blkid_partition_get_partno, function in Partitions probing
blkid_partition_get_size, function in Partitions probing
blkid_partition_get_start, function in Partitions probing
blkid_partition_get_table, function in Partitions probing
blkid_partition_get_type, function in Partitions probing
blkid_partition_get_type_string, function in Partitions probing
blkid_partition_get_uuid, function in Partitions probing
blkid_partition_is_extended, function in Partitions probing
blkid_partition_is_logical, function in Partitions probing
blkid_partition_is_primary, function in Partitions probing
blkid_partlist, typedef in Partitions probing
blkid_partlist_devno_to_partition, function in Partitions probing
blkid_partlist_get_partition, function in Partitions probing
blkid_partlist_get_partition_by_partno, function in Partitions probing
blkid_partlist_get_table, function in Partitions probing
blkid_partlist_numof_partitions, function in Partitions probing
BLKID_PARTS_ENTRY_DETAILS, macro in Miscellaneous utils
BLKID_PARTS_FORCE_GPT, macro in Miscellaneous utils
BLKID_PARTS_MAGIC, macro in Miscellaneous utils
blkid_parttable, typedef in Partitions probing
blkid_parttable_get_id, function in Partitions probing
blkid_parttable_get_offset, function in Partitions probing
blkid_parttable_get_parent, function in Partitions probing
blkid_parttable_get_type, function in Partitions probing
blkid_probe, typedef in Low-level probing
blkid_probe_all, function in Cache
blkid_probe_all_new, function in Cache
blkid_probe_all_removable, function in Cache
blkid_probe_enable_partitions, function in Partitions probing
blkid_probe_enable_superblocks, function in Superblocks probing
blkid_probe_enable_topology, function in Topology information
blkid_probe_filter_partitions_type, function in Partitions probing
blkid_probe_filter_superblocks_type, function in Superblocks probing
blkid_probe_filter_superblocks_usage, function in Superblocks probing
blkid_probe_filter_types, function in Superblocks probing
blkid_probe_filter_usage, function in Superblocks probing
blkid_probe_get_devno, function in Low-level probing
blkid_probe_get_fd, function in Low-level probing
blkid_probe_get_offset, function in Low-level probing
blkid_probe_get_partitions, function in Partitions probing
blkid_probe_get_sectors, function in Low-level probing
blkid_probe_get_sectorsize, function in Low-level probing
blkid_probe_get_size, function in Low-level probing
blkid_probe_get_topology, function in Topology information
blkid_probe_get_value, function in Low-level tags
blkid_probe_get_wholedisk_devno, function in Low-level probing
blkid_probe_has_value, function in Low-level tags
blkid_probe_invert_filter, function in Superblocks probing
blkid_probe_invert_partitions_filter, function in Partitions probing
blkid_probe_invert_superblocks_filter, function in Superblocks probing
blkid_probe_is_wholedisk, function in Low-level probing
blkid_probe_lookup_value, function in Low-level tags
blkid_probe_numof_values, function in Low-level tags
blkid_probe_reset_filter, function in Superblocks probing
blkid_probe_reset_partitions_filter, function in Partitions probing
blkid_probe_reset_superblocks_filter, function in Superblocks probing
blkid_probe_set_device, function in Low-level probing
blkid_probe_set_partitions_flags, function in Partitions probing
blkid_probe_set_request, function in Superblocks probing
blkid_probe_set_superblocks_flags, function in Superblocks probing
blkid_probe_step_back, function in Low-level probing
BLKID_PROBREQ_LABEL, macro in Miscellaneous utils
BLKID_PROBREQ_LABELRAW, macro in Miscellaneous utils
BLKID_PROBREQ_SECTYPE, macro in Miscellaneous utils
BLKID_PROBREQ_TYPE, macro in Miscellaneous utils
BLKID_PROBREQ_USAGE, macro in Miscellaneous utils
BLKID_PROBREQ_UUID, macro in Miscellaneous utils
BLKID_PROBREQ_UUIDRAW, macro in Miscellaneous utils
BLKID_PROBREQ_VERSION, macro in Miscellaneous utils
blkid_put_cache, function in Cache


blkid_reset_probe, function in Low-level probing


blkid_safe_string, function in Encoding utils
blkid_send_uevent, function in Miscellaneous utils
BLKID_SUBLKS_BADCSUM, macro in Miscellaneous utils
BLKID_SUBLKS_DEFAULT, macro in Miscellaneous utils
BLKID_SUBLKS_LABEL, macro in Miscellaneous utils
BLKID_SUBLKS_LABELRAW, macro in Miscellaneous utils
BLKID_SUBLKS_MAGIC, macro in Miscellaneous utils
BLKID_SUBLKS_SECTYPE, macro in Miscellaneous utils
BLKID_SUBLKS_TYPE, macro in Miscellaneous utils
BLKID_SUBLKS_USAGE, macro in Miscellaneous utils
BLKID_SUBLKS_UUID, macro in Miscellaneous utils
BLKID_SUBLKS_UUIDRAW, macro in Miscellaneous utils
BLKID_SUBLKS_VERSION, macro in Miscellaneous utils
blkid_superblocks_get_name, function in Superblocks probing


blkid_tag_iterate, typedef in Search and iterate
blkid_tag_iterate_begin, function in Search and iterate
blkid_tag_iterate_end, function in Search and iterate
blkid_tag_next, function in Search and iterate
blkid_topology, typedef in Topology information
blkid_topology_get_alignment_offset, function in Topology information
blkid_topology_get_logical_sector_size, function in Topology information
blkid_topology_get_minimum_io_size, function in Topology information
blkid_topology_get_optimal_io_size, function in Topology information
blkid_topology_get_physical_sector_size, function in Topology information


BLKID_USAGE_CRYPTO, macro in Miscellaneous utils
BLKID_USAGE_FILESYSTEM, macro in Miscellaneous utils
BLKID_USAGE_OTHER, macro in Miscellaneous utils
BLKID_USAGE_RAID, macro in Miscellaneous utils


blkid_verify, function in Cache
BLKID_VERSION, macro in Miscellaneous utils