LANANA Linux Device List

Now part of the Free Standards Group

This list is the Linux Device List, the official registry of allocated device numbers and /dev directory nodes for the Linux operating system.

News: January 25, 2005 -- A new 2.6+ specific devices file has been created. Currently its just the old one with a few of the obsolete 2.6 allocations removed.
I'm going to give out more 2.6 specific devices in the future.
News: July 27, 2004 -- The new Linux device maintainer is Torben Mathiasen.
News: March 15, 2004 -- The 2.6 bitkeeper tree now has the latest devices.txt file.

Please note that these files contain the latest published assignments. There may be additional assignments which have not yet been published.

To obtain new Linux device number assignments, first read these instructions and then submit your completed request (do not use HTML email format) to:

Alan Cox

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